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Improving the SEO for salons on your website requires:
There are also strict rules related to health and wellness/medical content. 96% of the search traffic goes to page 1 of Google search. As a salon clinic or medical spa, your strategy should be to be on the first page of Google search for all important services your business offers. Focusing on content for on specific keywords used by patients/clients that results in high SEO rankings.

The process of making your services and business appear higher in search engine results, primarily in the top area of the search results is called SEO for salons, cosmetic clinics, aesthetic clinics and even medical spa seo .

Once a potential client visits your website, the next most important step is “conversion”. Average conversion rate of salon, clinic and medical spa websites is 3%. However, if your website’s conversion rate is more than 5.4%, you are doing good. 8-10% is very good. Over 10% is exceptional. If you have younger clientelle, then you also have to focus on ease-of-use on mobile and offer your services in their best light without breaching any complaince or exorbitant claims.

Dental Clinic Marketing
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Marketing A Clinic Helps Dentists Maintain a Steady Flow of New and Exceptional Patients for Invisalign, Implants, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

We collaborate with dental practices that aspire to attract a greater number of discerning patients each month and establish themselves as the premier choice for dental care. It is now imperative to assert your online dominance and gain an unparalleled edge over your competitors.

About Us

  • At Marketing A Clinic, we are driven by our passion for innovation and our unwavering dedication to delivering results. Join us on the journey to transform your clinic’s online presence and unlock its full potential in the digital age.
  • Our team members are masters of their craft, offering a wealth of expertise in digital marketing strategies, analytics, and creative content creation, producing tailor-made solutions for clinics. Recognizing the significance of customer engagement, our objective is to assist clinics in establishing meaningful connections with their communities, nurturing trust, and fueling expansion.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

If you are reading this, it is likely that you belong to one of the following two categories:
You have previously attempted Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns, but unfortunately, you experienced either no success or only attracted individuals who were not genuinely interested.
You have never explored promoting your practice through social media advertising and have primarily relied on your established local reputation to attract new patients.

Regardless of your current situation, it is likely that you aspire to expand your practice and desire a system that consistently brings in new, high-value bookings for your most premium treatments.

Our mission is to develop advertising campaigns that establish your practice as the most well-known dentist in your area, one that people proudly talk about visiting.
Unlike many other companies, we are not interested in simply exposing you to a large audience to generate mere “leads.” Our focus lies in creating exceptional advertisements that specifically attract individuals who are genuinely committed to receiving treatment.
We achieve this by working closely with you at every level, from crafting the ads to refining the backend processes, ensuring sustained success in the long run.

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Advantages of Promoting Dental Practices on Social Media and Google Ads

Expanded Reach

Utilizing social media and Google Ads for advertising your practice facilitates an expanded reach beyond conventional local marketing approaches. This combined approach significantly enhances your ability to expand reach in a meaningful manner, ensuring that your practice remains visible and accessible to those who need your services most.

Targeted Marketing

Google Ads and Facebook Ads present unparalleled opportunities for businesses to expand their reach as they provide advanced targeting options, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns based on specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and geographical locations.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Integrating Google Ads into your marketing strategy alongside social media promotion can significantly amplify your practice's visibility and brand recognition among your desired audience.

Patient Engagement

Social media, paired with Google Ads, facilitates direct engagement with patients. Respond to inquiries, resolve concerns, and share insights to build connections. Google Ads complement social media, expanding visibility and maintaining interactive channels for effective engagement and relationship-building.

Showcasing Expertise

Utilizing Google Ads and Facebook Ads provides platforms to showcase your expertise and highlight unique services and treatments to targeted audiences. Sharing educational content, success stories, and testimonials helps establish you as a knowledgeable dental professional, fostering trust and credibility.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Utilizing advertising on social media platforms and Google Ads offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising channels. These digital platforms empower you to allocate your budget strategically, ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI.


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